A few days before the US presidential election, no holds barred. And all the slip-ups will be used against their authors! Sunday October 25, the Trump camp massively brandished a video, showing Democratic candidate Joe Biden ” boast of having established the largest and most inclusive electoral fraud organization in history “.

On the images, we can see Joe Biden making the remarks with which he is accused. At this point in the presidential race, one might think of a faked video, the famous deepfakes, or a montage. It is not so. The former vice president said it well in the podcast Pod Save America October 24. Blessed bread for Republicans who have been attacking the postal voting system for months, fearing that fraud could lose Donald Trump.


But when you listen to the entire show, you realize that this is just a slip of the tongue. At this point in the interview, Joe Biden reiterated the importance of going to vote and urged Americans to educate themselves on all the ways to do so. By indicating that everything had been done so that people could vote, and not defraud, as he awkwardly puts it.

The slip is all the more unfortunate since Biden widely warned in the podcast against the fact that Donald Trump was seeking to discourage Americans from voting by making believe that their vote would not be counted …

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