The terrorist of the Basilica of Nice still could not be heard, his state of health not yet allowing him to answer the questions of the investigators. Of this man, we know that he arrived in Europe via Italia, via the island of Lampedusa. It is also known that he did not have the status of asylum seeker, and had been notified of an expulsion from the territory. Journalist Alban Micoczy is live from Rome on Saturday October 31 to answer the following question: since he was deportable, why was he not returned to his country of origin, Tunisia?

Quite simply because the Italian authorities are overwhelmed. Consider that 23,000 migrants returned to Italy through Lampedusa this year, including almost 12,000 Tunisians. These Tunisians are all economic migrants, they cannot really justify a political status, which would allow them to be considered as refugees“, explains the journalist. Before adding:”Only 10% of these 12,000 Tunisians were actually deported this year. ”