The state must have a “right of inspection”, but also the power to impose moderation “up to the challenge”, to various social networks, estimates on October 25 on franceinfo Cédric O, the Secretary of State in charge of the digital transition and electronic communications, after the assassination of Samuel Paty. He also underlines the importance of the creation of a specialized division to centralize the penal response against hate content.

“I think that not only must he have a right of scrutiny, but he must have the ability to force them to have moderation, whether algorithmic or human for that matter, up to the challenge. I think that it is absolutely essential “, indicates the Secretary of State, who adds that today he has neither the information nor the ability to force social networks “to put in place a moderation at the height of what they represent”.


Today they are agora or public places without equivalent in the French or European sphere, and therefore, they must assume their responsibilities.

Cédric O, Secretary of State for Digital Transition and Electronic Communications

to franceinfo


Cédric O therefore wishes to be able to know the way in which social networks moderate content, algorithmically, “that is, how does it work, what do they remove, do they spot the most viral content, what kind of terms they spot”, but also know a number of human moderators responsible for monitoring content in French, “to find out, basically, if they are making the right and necessary efforts to prevent an outburst of hatred online.”

The Secretary of State also stresses that anonymity on social networks does not exist. “You have an identifier, which is not your function and your name, but most of the time we manage to find you”. For Cédric O, the creation of a specialized division at the Paris prosecutor’s office is extremely important. “Today, if you are in Carcassonne or Perpignan and you insult someone online, it comes under the prosecutor’s office in your jurisdiction. However, in this desire to fight hate online, there is an experience effect and knowledge of absolutely important internet mechanisms “. By centralizing with the same public prosecutor’s office, it “will gain experience” and will be “much more efficient”, he assures.