how to fight hate online?


The debate on the fight against online hatred is put back on the table after the assassination of Professor Samuel Paty in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine (Yvelines), Friday, October 16. Before his death, he was the victim of massive harassment on social media, which could have played a role in motivating the terrorist to take action. But how do you remove contentious content? Internet users are on the front line and most often alert the social network. Then, the platform denounces the facts to the authorities if the comments, for example, incite racial hatred or call for violence.

You report content to Twitter, or social networks, from that point on, they become responsible for the content. […] Our problem is that we have the feeling of irresponsibility, of impunity from social networks because there is no speed, they do more or less as they want“, criticizes Me Delphine Meillet, lawyer specializing in digital law. The Pharos platform allows Internet users to report illegal content online. Of the 4,400 content reported per week, only 3,000 have been deleted since the start of the year. In the spring, LREM deputy Laetitia Avia proposed a law obliging platforms to remove hateful content reported within 24 hours. Considered contrary to freedom of expression, it had been rebutted by the Constitutional Council. Today, the government is considering reinforce the cells of magistrates dedicated to the fight against online hatred Marlène Schiappa receives on Tuesday, October 20 the French representatives of the main platforms to think about solutions aimed at fighting against what the government now calls “cyber-Islamism”.


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