The desire to regain freedom, an urgent need for social distancing. Simply: the need for individual mobility. The two-wheeler market, after the lockdown, is experiencing prosperous months as it hasn’t been seen for years. it is undeniable that two wheels are the means of transport of the year – comments Paolo Magri, president of ANCMA (National Association of motorcycle cycles and accessories) -: for four months the market for motorized ones has continued to grow along with a renewed desire from Italians , which was already very promising before the “all home” imposed by the pandemic.


The Honda Africa Twin, heir to the legendary eighties bike: starts at 14,990 euros ed
The Honda Africa Twin, heir to the legendary Eighties motorcycle: starts at 14,990 euros and ranks third in January-September sales


If the bikes go fast (We expect 2020 to close with over 2 million units sold), two-wheelers are in full swing. Motorcycles, scooters and mopeds – continues Magri – are chosen both as an individual mobility solution and as a usable tool for recreation and entertainment. Double-digit growth not only in the scooter segment (utility vehicles par excellence), but also in the motorcycles that have pushed the segment (and done well to the entire supply chain) towards goals that were honestly unthinkable until recently.


The surge in motorcycles: sales on

The duty and pleasure of mobility

The past September was another month to remember, not without some surprises in terms of sales rankings. Although, perhaps, more than surprises we should speak of confirmations, because the best-selling models have been characterized quite clearly for some time. The new motorcycle market appears to be increasingly polarized: on the one hand, the expensive premium models, evolved, hardly affected by the crisis; on the other hand, the simple proposals, easy to deal with starting from the price, relatively low, and which are able to satisfy both the duty and the pleasure of mobility. Thus in the top ten of the most sold in the first nine months of the year we find both, the most exclusive and the most affordable.


the Bmw R 1250 GS: the German enduro price list starts at 18,150 euros: despite being very expensive,
the BMW R 1250 GS: the German enduro price list starts at 18,150 euros: despite being very expensive, second in the standings, and in the top ten there is also the Adventure version

The TRK 5002 first in registrations

If the timeless BMW R 1250 GS belongs to the first category, which has been in the standings for years, to carry the flag of the second category, the most popular one, is the small Benelli TRK 502, firmly placed in the first place of registrations. A bike that starts at almost 20 thousand euros the first, one that is under 6,000 the second: in common they have only the 19-inch front wheel and the fact that they are two maxi enduros … And on the third step of the podium here is the ( expensive) Honda Africa Twin, another subscriber to the high areas of the standings.

One hundred horses and prices under 10 thousand euros

In the end, sifting through the top 10 bikes (but also going beyond the top 20) it turns out that, although the most powerful and most esoteric premium models are the ones that make the network and social networks work the most, they are the less showy models ( and cheaper) to dominate the charts. Longing for normality? Certainly yes. We are talking about models with powers in the orbit of 100 horses, with prices that remain (even a lot) below the threshold of 10,000 euros. Models that are able to meet the needs of daily life, the hustle and bustle between home and school or university or office, but also to act as accomplices in the exciting weekend raids.

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