The bike plan budget for @Paris alone is estimated at € 150 million! On average (when the weather is nice), there are 6,500 cyclists / day. @Anne_Hidalgo has therefore invested € 23,000 per cyclist! “, tweets the president of the association 40 million motorists Pierre Chasseray.

The estimate is wrong to say the least! While it is difficult to calculate the number of people who use the cycle paths each day, dozens of sensors installed throughout the city allow us to observe the number of trips made. Thus, the first week of October, more than 10,000 bicycles passed each day Boulevard Sébastopol, the most used track at the moment. Obviously we cannot add up all the passages in front of each sensor, since the same cyclist can pass in front of several meters.


But we can see at least one thing: throughout Paris, travel is increasing. 66% for example between the first week of September 2019 and that of 2020. In addition, the Vélib service claims more than 150,000 trips per day. And nearly 65,000 people took a Vélib every day last month. Vélib’s daily rentals alone therefore already represent ten times more than Pierre Chasseray’s estimate.

Contacted, Pierre Chasseray admits to having taken the estimate out of his hat but persists and goes so far as to accuse the mayor of Paris of falsifying his data. But, again, without giving any proof of his assertions …

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