“When I heard this phrase about the Amish, I took the liberty of sending a short text to the president saying: ‘Be careful, the Amish of my Amish are my Amish’, because I did indeed feel concerned”, said the former Minister of the Ecological Transition, Nicolas Hulot, Friday, October 16 on franceinfo, after the remarks of the head of state last month. Emmanuel Macron assured that France would “take the 5G turn”, ironically in front of digital companies about those who would prefer “the Amish model” and the “return to the oil lamp”.

“He didn’t answer me but whatever”, added Nicolas Hulot, judging the words of the Head of State “unnecessary” and “unjust”. “To make fun of ecology or environmentalists is still ignoring that if we had listened to them for a long time and if we had reacted for a long time, we would be in a situation that would be much less complex, tragic and penalizing”, he stressed.


“The current economic model is leading us to austerity since it depletes all our essential resources. And the return of the oil lamp will be the consequence of inaction. True modernity today is on the side of ecology “, estimated Nicolas Hulot.