Marc Lévy and his new book “It happened at night” which will be published on September 29th. (JOËL SAGET / AFP)

In his new book It happened at night, Marc Levy attacks the very relative notion “the good and the bad side of the force “ in the digital world. After a real three-year investigation, he found that a minority “oligarchs “ seize the wealth of a society and a country in this way. They control and divide populations while creating fear: “JI thought it only existed in an Orwell novel and I saw it, I lived it “. This drift, according to him, does not come from the tool but from the human. And appearances can be deceptive at times, so the bad guys who are pointed out, the hackers, are not necessarily who we think they are. This is why in this novel he sets out to highlight those he calls modern Robin Hood “really at the service of good “ and who courageously oppose powerful narcissists. “Being illegal does not necessarily mean being on the wrong side of the force “. This misuse of social networks can lead, according to him to the worst: “Democracy assassinated “.

My Nines will turn the guns of criminals against themselves, they will reveal the truth to light


It’s been 20 years since Marc Levy published And if it was true, a first unexpected success which profoundly changed its existence. He had several professional lives before taking up the pen. He works in the field of computers (hey, hey …), was a first aid worker for the Red Cross, and in 2000, was employed in an architectural firm. He tells Elodie Suigo that following a television appearance in a Bernard Pivot program, his colleagues on Monday morning kindly congratulated him: “We saw your show, we’ll read you “. And there, this book written for his son, now in everyone’s eyes, makes him uneasy: “I was so shy that I thought to myself: ’But I cannot face them, it’s not possible!’ “The thought of going out and buying all the copies of his book around crosses his mind, but in the end, he simply quits without knowing what the future will bring.

Obviously writing has radically changed his life. He reveals one of his secrets to last: “A lot, a lot of work to deserve as humbly as possible, this chance of which I was aware “.

When Elodie Suigo asks him if this new novel is a compendium of everything he has built over the past two decades, he immediately returns to the two sources of his construction as a man. First of all his father, a man of honor, who is reminiscent of the protagonists of his 21st novel: an outlaw by necessity and political convictions too.


What built me, I think, is that I have a father who joined the resistance at 18, that is to say when the Vichy regime was taking hold. My father became an outlaw and he escaped before arriving in Dachau

Marc Levy, author of “It Happened at Night”

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Marc Levy keeps all of his father’s documents relating to this period such as the deed of conviction, the deed of arrest, the incarceration note and his description as a criminal. In fact, the writer becomes one of the guardians of collective memory: “It’s quite a training of the mind. It doesn’t give you any rights but it gives you a duty “. His father also transmits the notion of fraternity to him, invites him to be kind and the author recalls one of their exchanges:”I was 8 years old and I was called a dirty Jew and so I came home and said to him, “Daddy, what does being Jewish mean?” And my father smiled at me. He said to me, ‘That means if you hear someone next to you being called dirty black, you turn black. If you hear someone being called a dirty Arab, you become Arab. That’s what being Jewish is. Be the guardian of the identity of others’. “

The second source, he rarely talks about in the media. And it is with infinite tenderness that he evokes the first woman of his life: his mother: “There you go, I say it naively as if I were 8 years old because my mother is my mother. My mother is mine, she is nobody else’s. ” He confides that she is everywhere in his novels and especially that from her contact, he learned the beauty of vulnerability.

When I looked at my mother, I really saw that it is through the rifts that light enters and light goes out. That’s all that makes a human being beautiful. It’s amazing, the amount of light that can shoot out from our faults. And she always dazzled me with the light that came out of hers.


For the moment, Marc Lévy has sold 37,000 copies of It happened at night. He beat Guillaume Musso in the top sales of French books.