Jude Law plays Sam, who falls into hell on the British Isle of Osea.
Jude Law plays Sam, who falls into hell on the British Isle of Osea. (HBO / Sky)

Direction Osea Island, in the east of England: Jude Law reaches it by a small road covered by the sea most of the time. He has just come from London to mourn his missing son at the age of 6. He accompanies a young girl he saved from death back to the island. On the island, everything goes wrong. It’s a descent into hell.

Jovial-looking inhabitants who wear horse heads prepare a folklore festival by wielding giant puppets; photos of corpses adorn the walls of the only inn in the area. He meets an anthropologist who has come to study on this island these pagan, Celtic, mystical rites.


The Third Day, in French “Le Troisième Jour”, is a half-fantasy, half-horror series in six episodes which makes one feel the growing unease felt by the hero, Jude Law. Hallucinations of ants emerging from a cricket corpse, macabre celebrations by candlelight: we understand that the character did not arrive here by chance. Each episode corresponds to a day, always more trying. The third is that of revelation.

The experimental series is by Felix Barrett, known across the Channel for his company Punchdrunk, and his aesthetic and sensory immersive plays that he tries to adapt here to the screen. An immersion on an island. The images of the series play on saturated colors, the distressing soundtrack is particularly worked.


A two-part series of three episodes each: Summer flawlessly led by a badly battered Jude Law. And winter, the last three episodes, where we follow a mother of a family played by Naomie Harris who we saw in Sky Fall came to the island with her two children.

Between these two games, the “fall” season was the subject of an astonishing and hypnotic experience last weekend. A 12-hour film that recreates the party on the island and its preparations in real time. Slow cinema, a lot of improvisation for the actors, as often in the immersive theater, and for Jude Law, who for an entire hour pulls a boat. According to him, his most trying acting experience. A film available for free on the OCS channel’s Facebook page. A bonus not necessarily necessary to enter this very scary and successful series.