Barbara Pompili, Minister for the Ecological Transition, assured Thursday, October 8 on franceinfo that the French will be able to “use old phones for a very long time” while the first 5G frequencies were allocated to operators.

The Minister advocates digital sobriety to reduce the environmental footprint due to the manufacture of smartphones. The problem is that the arrival of 5G will force consumers who want to use it to switch phones. “Like every time when we switch to a technology, we are at 5th, there have already been four before, we can still use old phones for a very long time”, she relativized.


According to Barbara pompili, refurbished laptops are a good way to reduce your environmental footprint: “We must reuse them as much as possible”. “The essential use of 5G is for professional uses”, she estimated. “Frankly, watching a movie in 4K on a phone, I don’t see the point. Today, you don’t need 5G to watch a movie on your phone”, she said before sketching a “to each his own, my daughter does not agree …”