Germany: Russian opponent Alexeï Navalny heard by two UN special rapporteurs


Still recovering in Berlin, Alexeï Navalny has been able to speak to these representatives of the United Nations in recent days, according to our information.

The Alexei Navalny affair is far from over. The Russian opponent was heard for several hours by Agnès Callamard, a UN rapporteur, along with another rapporteur whose name is not known, according to his French lawyer William Bourdon.


A fierce critic of the regime of Vladimir Putin, Alexeï Navalny fell seriously ill on August 20 on a plane in Siberia, while he was on an election campaign for local and regional polls. Transferred to Germany, he was treated in a hospital in Berlin and is currently recovering in the German capital.


Several laboratories, in particular French, German and Swedish, analyzed samples taken from Alexeï Navalny and concluded that they were poisoned by a Novichok-type nerve agent. The OPCW also confirmed on Tuesday the use of this substance.



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