In less than three years, this conspiratorial political movement of the extreme right has gained significant political weight in the United States, under the presidency of the American billionaire.

QAnon persona non grata on Facebook and Instagram. The company created by Mark Zuckerberg announced Tuesday, October 6, 2020 the withdrawal of all accounts, pages and groups linked to the conspiratorial movement QAnon, on its main platform and on Instagram. The number of followers of this far-right pro-Trump movement has exploded in the run-up to the US presidential election.


The social media giant, regularly accused by civil society of not sufficiently fighting against actors spreading hatred, had already cracked down on QAnon on several occasions. This time, even the pages that don’t “do not contain violent content” will be deleted if they are associated with the movement, said the Californian group in a press release.

The QAnon (contraction of “Q” and “Anonymous”) appeared at the end of 2017, when a mysterious Internet user, known under the pseudonym of “Q”, began to spread a conspiracy theory on the sulphurous 4chan forum: Donald Trump would have gone to war against a “deep state” (“Deep State”) who would rule America in secret for decades and include Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, billionaire philanthropists like Bill Gates and George Soros, but also Hollywood stars.



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