Most say they are teenagers. These are young migrants who arrive in France without parents. In France, more and more of them are being caught in charge by the departmental councils. In 2016, they were 8,054, 14,908 in 2017, 17,022 in 2018 and 16,760 in 2019 according to the latest figures. Immigrants who claim to be minors when they arrive, but then how to control their minority? The associations’ mission is to define the age of these young foreigners.

An assessment made on the basis of the applicant’s statements, his identity papers if he has any and a questionnaire on his life course. Each department draws up its list of questions. According to a parliamentary report, more than half of applicants are not recognized as minors following this assessment. If their minority is validated, they are returned to the hands of child welfare. Regarding the possibility of radicalization, a reporting procedure exists, but it is not always easy to identify risky behavior.


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