From his living room, Henri Tarpin now has a breathtaking view of two relay antennas. The first was installed in the summer of 2019, the second has just been installed two months ago. A total of six antennas, including at least one for 5G, have been installed. With 150 other tenants, Henri Tarpin and his wife filed an appeal with the town hall. They fear for their health. “The scientific body is divided, there are those who say yes, no, maybe […] In a case like this, when you don’t know anything, you might think that caution would be necessary“, he confides worried.

Faced with concerns, teams from the National Frequency Agency (ANFR) are stepping up checks. Engineers measure exposure to waves on a 5G antenna installed in the heart of Paris. According to them, smarter antennas emit as much as 4G. “Exposure levels are expected which may be higher during transmissions but since they are more effective the exposure time will be less“, explains Emmanuelle Conil, engineer from the ANFR.


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