To fight against a resurgence of the pandemic in the country, the different Länder will limit the number of participants in public and private parties according to the evolution of the number of infections.

Germany announces new measures to fight an upsurge in the Covid-19 epidemic. The country will limit the number of participants in public and private parties depending on the evolution of infections, Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Tuesday (September 29th).


Thus, the Länder where 35 new cases of infection are recorded per 100,000 inhabitants over seven days will have to impose a limit of 50 participants for a party in a public space or a rental room. For private meetings it will be “urgently advised” not to exceed 25 people, she detailed at a press conference.

If the ceiling reaches 50 per 100,000 inhabitants, then the number of participants should drop to 25 in the public space, and if possible to 10 at home.

Next to tourists returning from vacation, “private parties are an important cause” triggering new infections in Germany, “that’s why we must react”, declared the Chancellor after a meeting with the heads of government of the 16 German regional states.


The upsurge in Covid-19 cases in Germany is “naturally a source of concern”, said Angela Merkel. “We know that a difficult period awaits us (…) with autumn and winter”, she added, advising Germans, like Health Minister Jens Spahn before her, to avoid going on holiday abroad for the All Saints’ Day holidays.

In restaurants, cafes and bars where each customer must leave their contact details, fines of a minimum of 50 euros will also be imposed if people deliver false information, the government and the heads of the 16 regions of the country have also decided. . “Institutions need to make sure that people are giving real information … if names like Donald Duck are provided it is not difficult to spot them”, said Merkel. In addition, each Länder can decide on the exact amount of the fine.



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