The TikTok logo.

The President of the United States Donald Trump is not giving up and persists in wanting to ban TikTok, unless the Chinese application goes under the American flag. It is a small diplomatic war launched several weeks ago between China and the United States. We are talking about this Thursday in franceinfo junior with Sophie Jehel, lecturer in information and communication sciences at the University of Paris 8 / CEMTI. A battle that has not escaped the children, who know the application well. Alahya and Amine are CM2 students at Rouanet school in Paris and they ask their questions to Estelle Faure’s micro franceinfo junior.

“Who invented Tiktok? Why do seniors love Facebook but not other apps like Youtube and Tiktok? Why is Donald Trump so afraid of Tiktok?” In this program, the children have the answers to their questions thanks to the specialist in social networks, guest of franceinfo junior. A chronicle presented by Augustin to listen again in full on this page, with the answers of the specialist on the subject.