In 2019 there was a new record of theft for short-term rental cars. According to data provided by Aniasa (National Association of Car Rental and Automotive Services), last year 1,800 cars and vans were stolen, almost 5 every day, up 11% compared to 2018. is a worrying trend, in marked contrast to the gradual decline in the phenomenon of car theft in our country and which produces damage for operators equal to 12.5 million euros (+ 22% compared to 10.2 million in the 2018). It must be said that 90% of the episodes are concentrated in five Regions: Campania, Puglia, Sicily, Lazio and Lombardy. However, recoveries improved: in 2019 890 vehicles were recovered from thefts, compared to 790 the previous year (+ 12.5%). The recovery rate for short-term rental cars is almost 50%, compared to 36% of the national average.


This, according to Aniasa, is due to the companies in the sector which in recent years have equipped their fleet with effective telematic devices, capable of supporting the Police in detecting the position of the vehicle and guiding them to recovery. Our latest data confirm and if possible consolidate the negative European and world leadership of our country in the ranking of the nations most affected by the scourge of car theft. The economic crisis of recent years has pushed criminal organizations to focus with growing interest in this profitable business and, in particular, towards the growing fleet of short-term rental cars, highlights Giuseppe Benincasa, general manager of Aniasa. The numbers remain significant, to which are added those of the long term and car sharing and which lead to a total of over 6 thousand cars stolen every year. And a phenomenon that in an acute crisis of the tourism industry and economic recession puts the survival of some less structured operators at risk.


22 September 2020 (change September 22, 2020 | 15:44)


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