Passengers sitting in the “carrier” It is time for Cargo-bikes


“I welded the first frame by putting together tubes from old bikes. As in an American story, BCargo was also born in a garage: mine ». Giacomo Pratellesi is a 39-year-old father. Romeo and Luna are his children, still children. A few months ago they were traveling along the Via Francigena, he driving a cargo bike, they sat in the basket. A one-week tour from Turin to Florence is impossible for many. “We have replaced the second car with the electric cargo bike. One euro to recharge and you travel a thousand kilometers – says Pratellesi -. Those who choose cargo bikes save on road tax, petrol, insurance, parking and fines. The annual maintenance cost is one hundred euros ». Former graphic designer, Pratellesi founded BCargo in 2017. “I sold my first bike at cost price to a bakery in Mortara, near Pavia. The turning point when I attended the sector fair in Spezi, Germany. I had to change, going from muscle to electric cargo ».



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