I think emancipation, feminism, I think these things are different for every woman. So it’s giving yourself this chance to explore: What do I believe? What makes me feel strong about my body? What gives me confidence in my skin?

Danae Mercer demystifies beauty ideals on Instagram by posting unretouched photos of her body and revealing pose tips on social media. “I just hope people leave my site feeling a little more normal. And I just want to raise the curtain a little bit and say, “This is what happens. This is how it is”. But if you want to use that, if you want to arch and arch and contract, and you feel empowered doing that, you can do it“, she explains.

Danae Mercer had the idea in 2018, while working on photoshoots as a health and travel journalist. As an eating disorder survivor, she believes it is important to share her story. “Go to the gym because you want to feel strong. Don’t do it because of this punishment. And if I can help a woman or a young girl understand this and feel like this, then this is a victory for me“Says Danae Mercer. The influencer knows her body always meets societal norms. She says she works to share her platform with supporters of the body positive acceptance movement, overweight people, a group. which remains marginalized and hidden.