It was to be a revolution in Switzerland and a first in Europe. But the arrival of 5G on the mobile network has pushed up the anti 5G market, which has frozen the deployment of antennas until further notice. “We are worried about that because today we have no real federal recommendation regarding the impact of 5G on health”, underlines Camille Selleger, resident of Geneva, and member of the association “Stop 5G”.

Because with 5G, the electromagnetic ray is stronger, and the World Health Organization (WHO) classifies it among the possible carcinogens. The Swiss invoke the precautionary principle. They are asking for additional information on this still invisible and little-known technology. Since the start of the deployment, a doctor has received dozens of testimonies from residents who say they are feeling the effects on their health, even though they live near an antenna. No cause and effect link has been established, but 5G worries even parliament.


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