Switzerland was to set an example in Europe by installing 5G across the country. The authorities, on the other hand, face a wave of protests. Several opponents believe that its use could lead to health problems in people exposed to this new technology. They are based in particular on the analysis of the World Health Organization (WHO) which classifies the electromagnetic radiation of 5G among the potential carcinogens.

Of the 20,000 5G antennas that were to be built in Switzerland, 360 have already been installed. Some exposed residents have already complained of headaches, pain in the upper part of the skull. Faced with these testimonies, the doctor and member of the Grand Council of Geneva Bertrand Buchs is not opposed to the installation of 5G but he wants it to be implemented in “the places where it is necessary and then we protect the interior of the buildings, that we protect the dwellings”.



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