Two incredibly fertile years for Ferrari. The announcements follow one another at a pace that has never been seen before and if the path in Formula 1 is perilous and thoughtful, that of the road cars is reaping one sales success after another. To increase the offer of jewels branded with the Cavallino, the Ferrari Portofino M, evolution of the GT 2+ spider.

the first Ferrari to be presented after the company closure period due to the spread of Covid-19. The symbol of the beginning of a journey of rediscovery; from here the race to innovation of the Prancing Horse ideally restarts, in full respect of its history, of the passion it knows how to arouse and of the constant search for perfection. Values ​​found on the Portofino M, which bears the modified M in its name which, in Ferrari jargon, serves to codify projects undergoing an evolution that has contributed to improving performance.


New 3.855 V-shaped eight-cylinder engine which joins the family that won the International Engine of the Year award for four consecutive years. Now it delivers 620 hp at 7500 rpm, 20 horsepower more than the Ferrari Portofino.

The eight-speed gearbox, completely redesigned compared to the previous seven-speed transmission and for the first time installed in an open roof car of the Prancing Horse, it is based on a double clutch architecture in an oil bath whose overall dimensions have been reduced by 20%, while the transmitted torque increased by 35%.

From the point of view of Vehicle Dynamics, the major innovation of the car is the introduction of the Five-position lever, an absolute novelty for the Prancing Horse GT spiders. Its goal is to extend the already excellent handling and traction performance of the Ferrari Portofino by adding the mode Race: this position, supported by the activity of the Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer, mainly focused on maximizing the driving pleasure of the car.

Performance obviously at the top: zero-hundred in 3.25 seconds, maximum speed 320 per hour. The Ferrari Portofino M thus confirms the dual soul of the car from which it derives, the only one that can be defined as a true closed roof coup and a true open roof spider thanks to Retractable Hard Top technology, the trademark of the Prancing Horse convertibles.

Deliveries in winter e top secret for now on the price.