One of the certainties in the course of the year that no longer exist in times of Corona is this: Usually, the electronics company Apple presented its new iPhones in September – in good time before Black Friday and the start of the Christmas business. This year, however, that is also different, the fanboys and girls will have to wait a little longer for the new smartphones.

This time there is something else on the agenda. The invitation to the presentation made a rather subtle reference to new smart watches: “Time flies”, it said, something like: How time flies. As expected, Apple also showed new models of its iPad range of tablets. The most surprising thing was the presentation of two new subscription services: a fitness program and a comprehensive subscription to all Apple services, from music to the cloud.


For a long time, smartwatches were not considered to be overly useful, but after a few generations of the Apple Watch the picture has changed. Apple is now one of the largest watch manufacturers, and the Californian computer watch is by far the best-selling smartwatch. Initially, things didn’t go particularly well for the Californians, especially the super-expensive luxury models for up to 18,000 euros found few buyers.

But then the tide turned. To date, Apple has already sold a little more than 103 million watches, and the group clearly dominates the computer watch market with a market share of 55.5 percent. These numbers do not come from Apple itself, but are estimates by analysts and market research companies. The group leads the watch in a category with several other products and does not publish individual numbers.

The functions for collecting fitness and health data are likely to be particularly decisive for the success of the Apple Watch. In 2018, Apple launched a watch that can also take a simple EKG, which can be used to detect the dreaded atrial fibrillation. Apple has now expanded this area further. The Apple Watch Series 6 can now also measure the oxygen content of the blood and warn if it falls below or exceeds certain limit values. In addition, as with the iPhone, there is now a slimmed-down SE model, but it can do more than older versions.


Apple is no longer just a manufacturer of devices and accessories. The group connects the devices with more and more offers with each other. If, for example, the – non-expandable – memory on the iPhone is getting too small, Apple offers quite penetratingly a subscription to the in-house cloud. And the in-house streaming service Apple Music is recommended for the Airpods earbuds.

You can also put it this way: Apple has always tried to keep customers in their own realm – the Apple Watch, for example, can only be operated with an iPhone. The various services are another means of increasing customer loyalty. Why go anywhere else when you can get everything from a single source? Apple is now continuing this. On the one hand, with a fitness subscription for ten dollars a month, in which trainers demonstrate weekly exercises or workouts.

The exciting thing is that the data that the Apple Watch collects can be viewed on a TV or an iPad. If you start the exercise there, the corresponding program is started immediately on the clock. The offer is initially only available in some English-speaking countries.


Apple goes even further: With Apple One, users can book all Apple services at once, including the music streaming service, cloud storage, Apple’s video offering and the fitness program. It costs up to $ 30 a month, but can then be used by the whole family.

There was also something new with the iPad. In this category, Apple now offers reasonably priced entry-level models, but also devices for business customers with the addition of “pro”. They can be upgraded to almost full-fledged laptops with keyboards, but they also cost so much and cannot do everything that a laptop can. Even the entry-level models can now be operated with a pen, of which Apple has two versions in its range: One for the Pro models, one less powerful for the others.

A new entry-level model, the eighth generation iPad, and a new iPad Air, whose design is now very similar to that of the Pro models, were presented. Needless to say, the new iPads also have a faster inner workings. With the new Air, Apple put the fingerprint sensor in the on / off button for the first time. Instead, the new Mac Mini was not yet on view, also due to the uncertainties of the Corona period.



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