Vegetables, cereal pancakes … in this Parisian grocery store, Romain Grospiron, grocer, sorts through his stalls to withdraw from sale products that will soon expire or be damaged. Not to throw them away, but for them donate through a food donation app. Loïc Kamguia, engineering school student, removes the basket from the grocer thanks to the HopHopFood application which has changed his diet. “Eating pasta every day is a hassle, so it’s a great initiative“, he expresses.

Several food donation applications connect beneficiaries with traders or individuals, mainly in large cities for the moment. The volunteers of the HopHopFood association, based in Paris and Toulouse (Haute-Garonne), manage the donations of food collected in stores. “I found it unbearable that on the one hand we had people who had their fridge full and wasted a lot of food, and on the other 17 million people who had less than 3.50 euros per day per person to eat“explains Michel Montagu, co-founder of the recognized association of general interest.


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