Facebook: Dropouts Tristan Harris and Roger McNamee – Digital


Endless scrolling, constant push messages: the technology that defines our lives today was once also shaped in Silicon Valley by Tristan Harris and Roger McNamee. Then they got out. A conversation about behavior manipulation, loneliness and Facebook’s responsibility.

Interview by


Jannis Brühl

The debate about the problems posed by digital technologies only really took off a few years ago when people leaving the digital industry began to warn against their own products. Two of these Silicon Valley rebels are key characters in the documentary The Social Media Dilemma. Some time before the film started on Netflix, they were guests at the Munich digital conference DLD to present their theses. Tristan Harris studied at Stanford how digital technology can manipulate the behavior of its users. He felt guilty about his job at Google. Roger McNamee got rich investing in tech companies. He invested in Facebook early on and advised the young Mark Zuckerberg. He became a tech critic after the 2016 US election campaign.



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