Boris Johnson does not keep his commitments and anger the EU


We are talking about a trade, political and diplomatic war. This week, the escalation of tensions reached its peak. Boris Johnson has proposed a bill that goes back on the EU exit agreement that the British Prime Minister himself signed when Brexit was formalized. He goes back on his commitments and sows discord. He accused the EU on Saturday September 12 of putting pressure on him and of wanting to install a blockade on the border with Northern Ireland. Comments denied and condemned by the Irish Prime Minister on Sunday.

Ireland is at the heart of all the tensions. This territory is divided into two parts. On the one hand, there is British Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland which remains in the EU. With Brexit, no one had an interest in the physical border between these two territories being restored. The exit agreement provides for favorable conditions of access to the European trade market for Northern Ireland in exchange for which London must provide a level playing field for the EU. But Boris Johnson did an about-face and refuses the terms of the deal he signed. We must prepare for a no-deal Brexit with disastrous economic consequences.


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