Detox. No, the Covid-19 was not created before 2019


For two days, the conspirators have made a great discovery, supposed to prove that the Covid-19 was created before 2019. On the website of the World Bank, there is indeed a list, by country, listing the imports and exports of ” Covid-19 test kits ”for the year 2018.“ Can someone explain this to me? Why were all these countries buying Covid-19 test kits in 2018? I thought that the Covid-19 did not exist before this year “, asks a twitto.
In a few hours, the questions go viral and sometimes take on conspiratorial accents. Screenshots multiply, and are featured on Twitter, or on the Reddit and 4Chan forums.

However, nothing to panic: if the presentation is certainly misleading, it is in fact a list of products that can be used to treat Covid-19 and which already existed before, such as the necessary reagents and adjuvants. for testing. Used in other situations, for example, to detect other viruses, such as influenza, these products were necessarily traded before the onset of Covid.


Why then are they listed today as Covid-19 by the World Bank? Quite simply because the harmonized system of commercial goods was the subject of an update of its codes at the time of the Covid to help countries have a global idea of ​​stocks and trade on these products in tension. Like the reagents for the tests, which were largely lacking at the height of the crisis. In view of the scale of the reactions, the World Bank urgently changed its pages to include these products under the name “medical tests” and no longer “covid test”.

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