Screenshot of CEO-Vision's GoFast solution
Screenshot of CEO-Vision’s GoFast solution (CEO Vision)

Large French accounts mainly use American IT applications, from the famous GAFAMs. However, there are French alternatives. This is the case with the GoFast collaborative work platform, developed by the Savoy company CEO-Vision. Its CEO pleads for a reinforced use of these technologies “made in France”.

franceinfo: can your solution compete with those of GAFAM?


Christopher Potter, founder of CEO-Vision: Our tools allow daily work, in the office or telework. Our software suite replaces the two basic tools that are the shared file server and messaging. We also have a videoconferencing tool equivalent to Zoom or Teams.

How do you contribute to “digital sovereignty”?

The Cloud Act allows American justice to recover any data stored on servers belonging to American companies, even if they are located in Europe. It is a threat to business. On the contrary, our servers are hosted in Europe on servers belonging to European companies.


Is the State playing its role sufficiently to encourage the development of French solutions?

More and more, the public sector is playing the game. But some decisions are still surprising, like the recent choice of Microsoft for the hosting of health data (Health Data Hub, NDR) or the “open bar” contract signed between Microsoft and French Defense.

Are French companies up to the task of dealing with GAFAM?


France has very good technologies and excellent training, but we are sorely lacking the capital to face the American or Chinese competition.