Detox. No, the government has not changed the indicators of Covid-19


Has the government changed the Coronavirus indicators to better convey the message of a worsening health situation? This is what the journalist David Pujadas suggests, who on August 27, appealed for calm on the LCI set: “ We dot the I’s, don’t be afraid! Do not panic !

While the specter of a “second wave” of Covid agitates France, the host relies on two maps, published by the government. One, from August 27, showing 21 departments in red, where health authorities believe that the circulation of the virus is “active”. The other, dated May 28, 2020, showing an almost green map, where only Ile-de-France and two overseas departments (Mayotte and Guyana) are in orange.


But according to David Pujadas: the indicators used by the government to make these calculations have changed in the meantime. ” If we use the same indicators, we would have exactly the same green card. But no, we were presented with another card “.

Admittedly the government uses more criteria to manufacture its card, for example the increase in the number of clusters, but according to the calculations of Désintox, this would not have resulted in an “all green” card, if the criteria had remained same. By summarizing the four indicators used at that time (the incidence rate, the number of virus reproductions, the test positivity rate, and the occupancy rate of intensive care beds), this would have given 4 departments in red ( Gironde, Rhône, Var and Guyane), 84 departments in orange and 13 in green. An orange card perhaps, but far from David Pujadas’ “green card”.

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