The human rights specialist believes that there is still so much violence committed in the world in the name of allegations of “so-called blasphemy”.

Since the 2015 attacks, “mentalities have worsened”Joëlle Fiss, human rights analyst with international organizations and member of parliament in Geneva, estimated Wednesday, September 2 on franceinfo, on the first day of the trial for these attacks, which targeted the premises of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. “Freedom of expression is still threatened if not more”, she asserts.


For Joëlle Fis, “the real question is, what has changed since 2015?”. The Swiss MP does not think it is possible that in 2020, for example, a large republican march like that of January 11, 2015 will take place “where there were 44 world leaders who held almost hand in hand with more than a million and a half French in the street. It is not possible, today”. Joëlle Fis evokes the context of the coronavirus but also and above all a state of mind. While in 2015 there was “this surge of global solidarity towards France” after “this attack which really shocked people because it was an attack on freedom”, she no longer sees today “so much solidarity”.

Freedom of expression is still under threat, if not more.Joëlle Fiss, Member of the Parliament of Genevato franceinfo

“We have more and more nationalisms. We have less and less solidarity between nations”, deplores the member of the parliament of Geneva. It also designates journalists “who are intimidated, even in the room of the White House”, which would have been according to her “surrealist in 2015”. The elected representative also resents social networks “who condemn personalities to discredit them, for sexism. We always try to sanitize the debate and even more today in 2020 than in 2015”.


Joëlle Fiss notes a “good news” since 2015: “is that Charlie Hebdo has nevertheless awakened the liberal democracies”. According to the human rights specialist, countries “said loud and clear that it was because they had lived very, very badly the experience and the attack against Charlie Hebdo”.

She believes, however, that globally, there is still so much violence committed in the name of the allegations “so-called blasphemies”. Joëlle Fiss talks about the writer and blogger Raïf Badawi, imprisoned in Saudi Arabia or Mauritania, “where a blogger was sentenced to death and had to repent to be released”.