“China has every interest in avoiding EU cohesion”


“In France, there is no real public and political debate on China. The question is that there can be different voices in the public debate who can express themselves. At the Ifri conference on Sunday 30 August, non-Chinese journalists were not allowed to ask questions “, points out Antoine Bondaz, welcoming that franceinfo has violated this official instruction.

Wang Yi is not a policy maker, he is a missionary. His visit was above all a visit on the form more than on the substance “, specifies the researcher at the Foundation for Strategic Research on China, Monday evening at 11 p.m.


“It is difficult for France alone to balance its relationship with China. We have to realize the added value of the EU and its weight. The EU is the world’s largest market. France trades twice as much with the EU as with China and Germany as much with China as with the Netherlands“, emphasizes Antoine Bondaz.

China has every interest in avoiding European cohesion. This is his goal“, he concludes.

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