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In German, Malerweg means “path of the painters”. It is also the name of one of the most impressive hikes in Germany, which has inspired many romantic artists. 112 kilometers of trails in the heart of the Elbe massif. A picturesque hike that combines nature, history and art.

Achievable in eight days, the Malerweg runs along grandiose landscapes steeped in history: paths sheltered in pine forests, villages and castles typical of Saxon Switzerland. There are also mountainous paths made of plateaus, steep cliffs and winding valleys. This hike forms a loop around the Elbe River, suitable for walkers of all skill levels.

One of the emblematic places of the Malerweg is the Bastei Bridge. This connects two rocks that rise 200 meters above the Elbe River. The massif is made up of sandstone, a sandy rock which has eroded over time and has sculpted the natural shapes of the various rocks.


Among the paintings inspired by the Malerweg: The traveler contemplating a sea of ​​clouds by Caspar David Friedrich. In 2006, the Malerweg was also completely restored to follow the historic route taken by artists in the 18th century.