The mobilization of part of Belarusians against the contested re-election of President Alexander Lukashenko has taken various forms. Notably that of a particularly intriguing video, in which a gigantic balloon bearing the image of the dictator hurtles down a street, chased by a multitude of other red and white balloons, the colors of the opposition. In the background, we hear a crowd shouting slogans.

Mobilization in Minsk “, commented on a user who posted the video on Twitter, ” This demo is so cool “, estimates a very followed American twittos, obtaining several thousand shares. ” When oppression breeds creation! I’m not telling you the size of the pump “, even adds, hilariously, actor Yvan Le Bolloc’h in a tweet also widely shared.


But in reality, there was no pump. No more than balloons that bounced in the streets of Minsk. The video was first posted to Twitter by the account Voices of Belarus who writes, without further clarification: ” You will not pass, Lukachenko! In a second message, posted fifteen minutes later, the account clarifies that these are special effects.

This video is the work of Russian videographer Alexander Ivanov. The footage first appeared on his Instagram account. In it, we read on a sidewalk, “Jilrock1”. Which is none other than the artist’s nickname on the social network. What slightly deflate the general excitement …

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