a man causes several accidents on a highway near Berlin, a “probable Islamist attack”, according to the prosecution


The accidents, which took place Tuesday evening, left six people injured, three of them serious. The driver of the vehicle was arrested.

A man deliberately caused several traffic accidents on a motorway near Berlin (Germany) on Tuesday August 18. An act “motivated by Islamism according to the current state of the investigation”a spokesperson for the local prosecution told AFP on Wednesday. Six people were injured, three of them seriously, say city firefighters. They were hospitalized. The suspect has been arrested.


The “statements of the suspect after the fact suggest a religious and Islamist motivation” But “there are also signs of psychological instability” of man, said the prosecution. Lthe police said in a statement “clues” in this sense in the file.

Shortly before 7 p.m. local time on Tuesday evening, the man in a car surrendered on the Berlin expressway to “attacks targeted at other people” circulating on the track, including two-wheelers. A scooter driver is one of the seriously injured and had to be resuscitated by the emergency services on the spot, according to the media.

According to several media, the perpetrator yelled “God is great !” (“God is the greatest”) while getting out of his vehicle, after a collision which forced him to stop. “Let no one come near or else you will all die!” he also shouted according to witnesses quoted by the daily Bild, by threatening to detain an explosive device. He was arrested by the police who arrived in large numbers on the spot.


On Twitteron Tuesday evening, the Berlin police did indicate that the man arrested had claimed that a “dangerous object” was in his vehicle. After opening, this object turned out “harmless”. An examination by specialized police teams showed that the car did not contain anything dangerous.

Neither the police nor the prosecution gave any indication of the identity of the man arrested. The facts took place Tuesday evening on the A100 motorway, which circles the German capital.



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