Videos to become easy and rich are scams


On the web, it is difficult to miss the golden daily life of young high rollers. But behind the glitter, of sites sell so-called trader training. During confinement, viral videos had an exceptional audience on all social networks. In some, young traders are offering internet users the chance to get rich quick by taking the courses they offer. Some messages video have even been seen several million times. In reality, this all turns out to be a fraudulent network.

When Mewen Biard, a 20-year-old architecture student, contacted them, he then received several training courses. and must pay 80 euros per month in order to have access to it. After following several, he still can not find a way to touch the famous sums promised at the start. In fact, to make money, you have to increase the number of new memberships. A pyramid scheme prohibited. Once the deception is discovered, he decides to notify the police. Nearly 50,000 reports of fraud of all kinds were recorded during the two months of confinement. This is 6,000 more than during the entire first quarter of 2020.


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