the elegant grannies of Beijing


In the district of Guomao, in Beijing (China), four performers aged 64 and 74 walk around in traditional Chinese dress. These grannies want to prove that you can look good no matter what what age. A year ago, these four Glam ‘grandmothers made the buzz on Douyin, a Chinese social network by parading in Sanlitun, one of the most frequented districts of the capital They met about twenty years ago. ‘years while training in modeling and created the club of “Glam-ma’ Beijing”. Today, they are taking advantage of their new notoriety to promote their philosophy on aging.

“If you are still afraid of death and old age, your life is gray. When you’re old, you’re old. You have wrinkles, you don’t have much energy, you have more curves … But you can’t do anything about it, so you have to face it with positivity “, explains Lin Wei, 64. They have over a million subscribers on Douyin and strive to transform the perception of “DaMas”, aunts in Chinese, by showing that an older woman can also be glamorous.



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