The empire of the series. “Defend Jacob”, when doubt enters the minds of parents


A United Family: Michelle Dockery, Jaeden Martell and Chris Evans in “Defending Jacob”. (Apple TV +)

Apple has not had a very happy hand so far with its series on its video platform. However, this psychological, cold and judicial thriller emerges, which also tells the possible breakdown of a family. Defending Jacob, in French “to defend Jacob”, takes place nowadays in the posh suburbs of Boston in the northeast of the United States. A seemingly happy family, with a father who is an assistant district attorney in his town, a woman who runs a support structure for children in difficulty and a teenage son who is certainly not very lively but loved.

Suspicion on a son


A murder takes place near the school: one of the students is found stabbed in the woods. The son’s DNA is found on the student’s clothes, and the knife used in the murder looks like two drops of water like the one Jacob has. Add a local pedophile, students who swing, crows who insult the family … It is on a spiral that will deeply wear down this family so united.

The eight-part series is inspired by the American bestseller of William Landay, novelist and also lawyer. The relaxed lawyer character who defends the son with aplomb allows us to enter a little into the legal machine and the effects of a family shaken in the face of the media surge.

Impeccable “Captain America” ​​Chris Evan


The series benefits from an excellent cast. Chris Evans, better known as Captain America, is impressively sensitive as a massive father, desperate to make his son’s innocence known. Michele Dockerey, Lady Mary Talbot, in Downtown Abbey, is no less poignant in that of his wife, who begins to wonder. Cherry Jones, who played the president in the series 24 hrs chrono embodies a earthy lawyer. As for Jacob, he is played with a lot of restraint by Jaeden Martell, immersed in video games and social networks.

A series with an elegant image, which pulls a bit in length. And essential questions like “what happens when the parents have doubts? Parents’ distress with a son, that is the great quality of Defending Jacob.



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