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The film we are talking about: “Black is King”

We’ve been listening for a year The Lion King: The Gift, the album inspired by the live film The Lion King, in which Beyoncé lent her voice to Nala, the mother of young Simba. Today, this album is also a film (are you following?). After Lemonade released in 2016, then Homecoming (available on Netflix since spring 2019), we now know that the musical projects of the American singer are translated into images. Black is king is therefore the feature film that accompanies this latest album, written, directed and produced by “Queen B” herself. Broadcast exclusively on the SVoD Disney + platform, this musical film of a little over an hour and a half celebrates the black community and culture through the fate of a young sovereign guided by his ancestors and his initiatory journey, between love and betrayal (if that reminds you of something, that’s normal).

Shot between New York, South and West Africa, London, Los Angeles and Belgium, Black is king is a real explosion of colors. With its ultra polished aesthetic and some of its plans that look like paintings, this visual album is a joy for our retinas. Especially since we meet beautiful people there. Her illustrious husband, Jay-Z, her eldest daughter, Blue Ivy, but also Pharrell Williams, Cameroonian singer Salatiel, Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o or model Naomi Campbell. While the “Black Lives Matter” movement resonates around the world today, Black is king is more relevant than ever.


Black is King, by Beyoncé, 85 minutes, available on the Disney + platform.

The comic book we’re going to talk about: “Rita, saved from the waters”

The cover of the comic book album, “Rita, Saved from the Waters”. (DELCOURT)

“Rita Chaitania Rimki is her name. The one who transforms my story. Three poetic words, warriors but singing, posed on the future, to be linked to the past.” The back cover of the album Rita, saved from the waters will not reveal anything to you of what is played out in this autobiographical story. As for the cover, it suggests a classic travel diary. But make no mistake about it. The story told to us by Sophie Legoubin-Caupeil (who signs her first comic strip here) is most singular. In 1987, when she was still just a child spending her holidays in India with her family, she witnessed the death of her father, who was trying to save a young girl from drowning. This drama will deeply upset his family. To try to give meaning to this tragedy, Sophie Legoubin-Caupeil seeks, thirty years later, to find this Indian.


You understand, Rita, saved from the waters is a heartbreaking story. And not just because it begins with a dramatic accident that sets off chain reactions and destroys an entire family. It is above all a question of questioning our ways of transcending such ordeals. Sophie looks for Rita to confront her memories, but also to free herself. Nicely drawn by her friend Alice Charbin, an illustrator also in love with India, Rita, saved from the waters is a graphic novel of rare emotional power. One of the most beautiful comic books of the year.

Rita, saved from the waters by Sophie Legoubin-Caupeil and Alice Charbin, ed. Delcourt, 176 p., Around 23 euros.

The podcast we talked about (but it’s worth talking about again): “Mes 14 ans”

Do you remember when you were 14? It is probable that not, except perhaps some very precise memories, or on the contrary, a simple feeling. This was also the case for Lucie Mikaélian, before she falls back on the diary she kept meticulously in 2004 during her third year in a Parisian college. A pivotal year, since it will be the year of the loss of her virginity. Because yes, My 14 years old mainly talks about sexuality. Of this fantasized first time, of this obsession of the beautiful age for the things of the sex, but also of the love obviously, of the friends, of the chest, of the parents.


By mixing passages read by the actress Marie Narbonne and interviews with her relatives at the time or members of her family, the young journalist delivers an unvarnished portrait of adolescence and the 2000s during which MSN and .. the Tryo group. A dive into the head of a teenage girl who tenderly questions and deciphers her relationship to boys, to femininity, fourteen years and a #MeToo later. Do not hesitate to complete your listening with the pages of this incredible notebook, published on the dedicated Instagram account. “Everything is true and often it is shame”, immediately warns Lucie Mikaélian. She’s right, and that’s what makes her approach even more honest.

My 14 years old, a podcast by Lucie Mikaélian produced by Paradiso, to be found on all listening platforms.

The exhibition we don’t talk about enough (and that’s a shame): “Parrathon”

New Brighton, England, 1983-85.
New Brighton, England, 1983-85. (MARTIN PARR / MAGNUM PHOTOS)


Do you know Martin Parr? If the name of this photographer doesn’t ring a bell, maybe you’ve at least seen some of his shots. We all remember some of the most offbeat, from his series on mass tourism in Greece or Egypt or on English good society. Photos in often garish colors, showing the bite of the world famous British photographer. We know less about his first black and white series, however, where we can already see his sarcastic spirit.

Fifteen years after its last retrospective in France (at the European House of Photography in Paris), the Frac (Regional Contemporary Art Fund) Bretagne de Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine) invites the public to discover the scope of the work of the photographer, and for the first time, his early works. Not surprisingly, Martin Parr, for whom making fun of his contemporaries (rich or poor) has become a business, recently got down to the practice of the selfie, he who has been practicing self-portrait for twenty-five years. In total, nearly 500 photographs are exhibited and demonstrate that the Frac Bretagne is indeed one of the French exhibition spaces to be reckoned with. If you are in the region, it is certainly one of the cultural highlights of this end of the year.

Parrathon, Martin Parr retrospective at the Frac Bretagne in Rennes. Open every day except Monday, until January 24, 2021. Around 3 euros entry.



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