Remedy and poison: a “pharmakon” all by itself. The tools and words of the philosopher were venom against digital and technical self-righteousness. They were just as much a remedy in a double desire to subvert the logic of the industrial and economic world, to always transmit as close as possible to the field.

Midnight words, broadcast of October 17, 2012.


Bernard stiegler has always fought the disturbances of the world. In 2005, he created Ars industrialis, an association which aimed to democratize knowledge about new technologies and to trace the paths of a contributory economy (collaborative work, free software).
His observation, at the start of this interview, was clear:

The consumerist system of contemporary capitalism will crumble … It destroys desire, motivation, faith in the future and confidence. It is environmentally toxic, mentally toxic for the younger generations. It is economically toxic that only works for productivity and insolvency cover-up. Look at the crisis of “subprime ” and this way of putting dust under the carpet …

Bernard Stiegler. Midnight words, October 17, 2012.

Bernard stiegler
October 17, 2012

Of man, we will remember here that when he was young, he took action and served five years in prison (1978-1983) for bank robbery.
There he met philosophy and finished his thesis in the mid-90s with Jacques Derrida. That he directed IRCAM (Institute for Acoustic-Music Research and Coordination), Ina (National Audiovisual Institute), founded Iri (Institute for Research and Innovation).
That more recently he signed, the last illustration of his commitments and his sensitivity:
What do we call thinking? Greta Thunberg’s lesson (Ed. The links that liberate)

In this program is mentioned in particular:

“… That the rationalization which characterizes industrial societies leads to a regression towards unreason is not a new question. The philosophers of the Frankfurt School had warned in their analysis of cultural industries of the danger and the need to guard against this reversal. However, this question has been abandoned. More seriously, the University is affected. If the University is no longer guided by knowledge, where do we go? Bernard Stiegler alarms: reason has deformed, with the transformation of relations to knowledge induced by the “disembedding” of the market, the extension of management, new technologies – phenomena which lead to a renewal of scientism and to a proletarianization of minds… ”


Midnight words : issue N ° 470 of October 17, 2012.
Director: Nicolas Druet
Editor-in-chief: Rémy Roche
Production: Thérèse Lombard and Philippe Lefait

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