residents are fed up with the proliferation of tourist rentals


If an image was needed to symbolize the problem of rental platforms in Saint-Malo (Ille-et-Vilaine), it would be that of the key boxes attached to the doors or poles of the old town. Behind each are apartments rented to passing tourists. In a 19th century house, one of the dwellings has been converted for this purpose. VĂ©ronique Deschamps has lived above for thirty years, and cohabitation has become painful. She no longer supports the comings and goings of luggage.

She founded a collective with around fifty inhabitants. In addition to the nuisances, they denounce the transformation of the city. In Saint-Malo, 3,000 homes are rented on internet platforms, almost one in three apartments in the historic center. The old town has lost a quarter of its population in fifteen years, and prices have skyrocketed by 20%. Local shops have disappeared. “We are witnessing a real Disneyland phenomenon, notes another member of the collective. A neighborhood is dying, tourism is killing the city.


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