They were on the front lines during the height of the pandemic. Tens of thousands of employees have received a Covid premium, but there are disappointments. Amazon employees and service providers such as delivery people, or 14,000 people, will be rewarded. 500 euros for material handlers, but 1,000 euros for executives. A boost after the standoff with the unions over safety distances not always respected, or the lack of a mask.

The aggrieved security guards


Justice had demanded that Amazon review its device: the warehouses closed for a month. The American giant wants to turn the page. “It is the reflection of a social dialogue that has been maintained“, welcomes the director of the Amazon site in Br├ętigny (Essonne). In France, several companies, especially large groups, have paid Covid bonuses. Security agents, having worked in particular in stations, did not touch anything and demonstrated to get this bonus.

The JT

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