a new life in the sun


This is an appointment they would not miss for the world: the aperitif with a view of the ocean, the benevolent sun, the insolent tan. It’s been a year since this French couple left Picardy to reach the southern coast of Portugal, for a life of pasha. “What has changed, morale, we’re calmer, less stressed, says Jean-Louis. We have adapted to the Portuguese method: what is not done today, we will do it tomorrow. “

A crush on the Algarve region and certain tax advantages prompted them to cross the border. “We’re going to be tax exempt for ten years”, confesses Marc. Their charming residence has four tennis courts, a spa and a swimming pool. They spent 170,000 euros for their Portuguese dream. Marc has already experienced the Portuguese health system: “They did the x-rays, the blood tests, we paid nothing with the cost of the public hospital”. The two retirees save nearly 1,000 euros per month, compared to their former life in France.


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