The incentives started on August 1st? Of course they are a nice way to change the old car with a new one, petrol, diesel, gas, hybrid or electric. In fact, the booking of the bonus, with or without scrapping, is going well: in less than a week the requests have reached the amount of 10 million euros, of the 50 allocated by the government. But is there an alternative for those who are not interested in a new car and want to save even more? Sure. On the contrary: there are even three alternatives. The zero kilometers, the company and the former rental. Let’s see what it is.


The 0 km

They are much lowered proposals compared to the price when new: generally 30% less, but it can be as high as 50. It depends on the condition of the vehicle. To achieve the sales targets agreed with the parent company, the entrepreneur-dealer may have an interest in buying – by registering them to himself – a certain number of cars, and then reselling them, discounted, more easily. The parent company, for its part, sees in km 0 an effective (albeit not commendable) system for emptying the squares and maintaining market share. From the consumer point of view, however, an opportunity, because you take home a new car that has never left the salon (for this we talk about km 0), but you pay for it as used. The offer of 0 km cars usually increases in the last part of the month. The discount depends on many factors. First of all, how much the dealer paid for the car: the more interested it is to get rid of the cars produced, the more the parent company will apply attractive prices. It depends on how much the dealer manages to recover VAT. Finally, it depends on how long the car has spent, aging, in stock. In short: the most requested cars have less discount, while the less requested ones (or those that have just been replaced in the price list by a new model) are more discounted.


Company cars,

Not sure that the 0 km we have on the odometer the number 0. To fall into the category granted a certain elasticity. When the car has moved slightly, it may have had: perhaps to move from one location to another of the dealer. Never more than 100km, however. Also pay attention to the booklet, which must report only one previous owner, the dealer himself: the new buyer will thus be the second owner. The day, month and year of the first registration are important: they correspond to the date from which the manufacturer’s warranty starts. If the car has a 24-month warranty, but since the dealer bought it to put it on the square with the 0 km sign, it has been 20, it means that there are only 4 months of coverage for the house. The dealer, then, should add his insurance coverage, in order to reach at least 12 months.


Other disadvantages? The 0 km cannot be customized as if they were new cars, they are what you see, color and accessories included. If you are a motorist who changes car every year, when you resell it you will pay a little devaluation; but if you keep the car for a long time, let’s say more than three years, the problem does not exist. final recommendation: check the car well, especially before collection. Bodywork or interior must not show any damage. If so, ask for a restore or an additional discount.

Company cars

They are cars owned by the dealership (such as 0 km) or by the brand’s holding company. They vary in age from a few months to, for the most part, a year. They have been used and can have significant mileage: even over 30 thousand km. The discount on the list price varies between 20 and 30%, depending on the condition of the car. Generally these are cars used by dealers: for customer tests, as a courtesy car, as an employee benefit. So they may have known only one driver or many drivers. On the other hand, the dealer restores them to perfection before putting them on sale as used. There is another economic advantage: it is possible to bring a fully equipped car (because it had to do the best advertising for the brand) at the price of a good used car. The serious dealer adds his coverage to the remaining warranty. Also in this case the customer will be the second owner in the booklet.

The former rental

Those who want to spend a little should also consider cars that have been abandoned by car rentals at the end of their regular service. Those used for short-term rental will have about one year, while those used for long-term will generally have no less than three years. The first ones come from tourist renters, those from the airport and station and are used by many customers. They may also have been abused, but the renter usually fixes them before sale. For these cars, some rental brands have dedicated structures (usually located at the largest airports) and on their websites they give all the information, with a showcase of the models for sale. The discount varies between 20 and 30%.


Long-term rental cars they are usually used by employees of a company as a benefit. After three years the cars have about 80-90 thousand km, but they are still fresh. Some charterers have plans for restoration and resale in dedicated facilities. Just a web search to find the information. Some even offer a guarantee of at least one year. The price is interesting, because it can reach 50% of the value of the new one. Attention to standard equipment: renters often choose anomalous fittings, developed by manufacturers on the company’s needs. They can be highly equipped, but they can also be far too essential.

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