The first computer mouse was invented by an American researcher & nbsp; Douglas Engelbart.
The first computer mouse was invented by an American researcher Douglas Engelbart. (TOM MUNNECKE / HULTON ARCHIVE)

Many people mistakenly think that the computer mouse was invented by Steve Jobs and the Apple Company. It is true that the apple brand is one of the first to market computers with a graphical interface and a mouse, this small device that allows you to click on icons.
It was the unsuccessful computer Lisa in 1983 and then the MacIntosh in 1984. But, in reality, Steve Jobs had stolen the idea from someone else. The invention of the mouse is credited to an American researcher named Douglas Engelbart. Only computer enthusiasts know this name …
This brilliant inventor was then running a laboratory at the Stanford Research Institute in California. It was he, and the team he led, who had the brilliant idea of ​​creating a small device, equipped with two perpendicular wheels, connected by a wire to the computer, to move a cursor on the screen according to X and Y coordinates.

The very first computer mouse was shown publicly on December 9, 1968, in a time-honored demonstration known as the “mother of all demos”. Because on that day, all kinds of spectacular innovations were unveiled, such as the graphical interface of a computer, e-mail or even video conferencing. The mouse was patented by Douglas Engelbert in 1970. It had three buttons.


Apple purchased an operating license and was able to use it on their computers simplifying it with a single button and double-click. Then everyone got down to it. Then the mouse got better. The Swiss brand Logitech invented the optical mouse, with a laser beam to replace the ball, in 2004. In 2005, Apple invented the Bluetooth wireless mouse. This is what, in 1996, allowed Jacques Chirac to discover this strange contraption, during the inauguration of the National Library and to ask what it was. The Info puppets from it drew the famous series of sketches on “the mulot”. Today, the mouse faces competition from pads and touchscreens as well as styluses, but it still lives up to the job.

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