the new bridge of Genoa is born


It is a symbol of resilience which is about to be officially inaugurated on Monday, August 3. A new bridge will be built in Genoa in Italy. He must help erase memories of the appalling collapse of the old bridge on August 14, 2018, which left many people dead. This new construction was completed in just one year, in record time.

If the day of the presentation of the bridge, the small model collapsed, more serious tests have tried to prove the resistance of this new crossing point. 56 trucks, weighing a total of more than 2,500 tonnes, traveled the bridge together safely. On the premises side, in their eyes, the main aspect turns out to be the regular maintenance of the site. The architect Emanuele Piccardo believes that it should not be entrusted to a private company and that the state must itself carry it out regularly to avoid reliving a tragedy.


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