These supporters of the far-right Brazilian president are targeted by an alleged disinformation investigation by the Brazilian justice system.

Supporters of Jair Bolsonaro are deprived of Facebook by order of the Brazilian justice. On Saturday August 1, the American group announced that it had blocked worldwide accounts controlled by supporters of the far-right Brazilian president targeted by an alleged disinformation investigation.


The day before, the social network had been condemned by a judge of the Brazilian Supreme Court to pay a fine of 1.92 million reals (312,100 euros) for not having respected a court decision asking to take this exclusion measure .

A Facebook spokesperson said this demand for justice was “extreme” and threatened “freedom of expression outside the jurisdiction of Brazil”, but added that the group had agreed to submit. “At this stage we have had no choice but to comply with this decision by blocking these accounts worldwide, while at the same time appealing”, said this spokesperson.

Judge Alexandre de Moraes ruled that Facebook, as well as Twitter, had not respected his decision, by blocking access to accounts only from Brazil, leaving them accessible with an IP address located abroad. On Friday, he said that Facebook had to pay a fine and risked additional daily penalties of 100,000 reals (around 16,250 euros) if the offending accounts – accused of spreading hate speech – were not blocked in the whole world.


The judge’s decision concerns Facebook only. It is not immediately known whether Twitter will be sanctioned in the same way.


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