Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and the others must be more transparent and efficient, according to an 87-page report by the Superior Audiovisual Council published on Thursday.

Can do better. Social networks and online platforms have taken good measures against the dissemination of false information – “fake news” or “infox” – but must be more transparent and effective, the CSA ruled on Thursday July 30 in an unpublished report on the fight against infox. Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, Microsoft,, Dailymotion, Doctissimo or even Wikipedia answered questions from the Superior Audiovisual Council, which publishes an overview in an 87-page report.


The CSA notes “in a general way” than “the operators have taken up the issue of the fight against the dissemination of false information, by following several of its recommendations“. “However, these measures still need to be deepened”, emphasizes the Council. All operators have set up false information reporting systems, but these systems could be simplified. And users remain poorly informed about the rest of the procedure.

Furthermore, the operators did not give enough details concerning the processing of these reports and the “human resources” that they devote to it, preventing the CSA “fully appreciate the scope of the means implemented to meet the objectives of the law”.

“The information provided is, in some ways, elusive (with a few exceptions, like Facebook)”, notes the CSA. “To justify this choice, some argue the need to protect moderation teams. If the size of the workforce is an element rather informed by the operators, precise elements were not always given on the training of moderators and the work organization. However, this information guarantees the transparency and fairness of procedures. “


The law against the manipulation of information, adopted at the end of 2018, aims to stem the dissemination of infox during election campaigns. It provides for online platforms to take measures, in particular by setting up reporting mechanisms, and obliges them to report their efforts to the CSA in an annual declaration.

The CSA also requests a “increased transparency” concerning the algorithms that identify infox. It encourages operators to become more involved in information education and to strengthen their partnerships with the media.



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