Google will allow black traders to identify themselves on its platform


The digital giant explains that it wants to meet a growing demand from American users, eager to support businesses owned by blacks.

Objective: to render one’s service “more inclusive and help support black-owned businesses, when they need it most.” Google announced Thursday, July 30, the launch of a feature allowing black American traders to report on its research platform.


In a press release (article in English), the American giant indicates that it has observed “an increase in searches to find establishments run by blacks” in recent months, marked by the organization, across the Atlantic, of numerous anti-racist demonstrations. Watch this growing demand for US users to support black-owned businesses “was an inspiration”, wrote on the blog of the company Jewel Burks, head of the start-up support department at Google.

By identifying themselves as black entrepreneurs, American merchants will see a badge representing a black heart appear on their establishment’s Google listing in search results, as well as on the Google Maps service. This approach, implemented only in the United States, is based solely on voluntary service: merchants must first verify their identity with Google to display this badge, and only the owner of the establishment concerned can request it. However, the firm did not specify how it intended to verify these statements.

Similar badges were introduced two years ago, including in France, to indicate businesses run by women or welcoming to LGBT + people, notes BFMTV.



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