The objective is to fight against the channels which transport migrants from the region of Ventimiglia, on the Italian side, to the region of Menton, on the French side.

“This is an extremely important point to fight against this border crossing of illegal immigrant populations.” France and Italy will create a mixed brigade to fight against the channels of smugglers who move migrants, from the region of Ventimiglia on the Italian side to the region of Menton, on the French side. The Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin, announced it on Friday July 31, in Rome, after talks with his Italian counterpart, Luciana Lamorgese.


Joint patrols already exist between the border police of the two countries, but this integrated brigade will bring together for the first time, within a specific structure, Italian and French agents placed under a single command. The legal framework and the location of the brigade, which should be operational in two or three months, are still under discussion.

For his first trip abroad since his appointment to Place Beauvau, Gérald Darmanin wanted to go to Rome in order to strengthen the Franco-Italian relationship. “very important” in front of “migration difficulties facing Europe”. France wants a “common position” with Italy ahead of the October summit of EU interior ministers in Brussels on a new “migration pact” to be proposed by the Commission in September. She also wishes to obtain the support of Spain and Germany, where Gérald Darmanin will visit in August.



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