17-year-old arrested for hacking Twitter accounts – digital


The teenage boy allegedly hacked the accounts of people like Barack Obama, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk to trick money. The investigators initially did not provide any information about possible accomplices.

After a massive hacker attack on celebrity Twitter accounts, Florida police arrested a 17-year-old as the prime suspect. There have been 30 charges against the “mastermind” of the cyber attack, prosecutor Andrew Warren said in Tampa. Graham Ivan C. is being treated by the judiciary given the seriousness of the offenses as an adult, which could result in a longer prison sentence, he said.


In the unprecedented Twitter hack about two weeks ago, the accounts of numerous celebrities were hijacked, including the account of former US President Barack Obama, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Tesla boss Elon Musk. Company accounts, for example from Apple, were also hacked. The accounts called on users in tweets to send amounts in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin to a specific account – with the promise of repaying the amount twice. According to the investigators, more than $ 100,000 was raised.

According to experts, a more sophisticated hack – for example through a targeted call for donations or a political message – could have done much more damage than the quite obviously suspicious Bitcoin call.

Investigators are silent about possible accomplices

The prosecutor initially did not want to comment on the ongoing investigations into the question of whether the 17-year-old acted alone. He didn’t resist the arrest at his Tampa apartment, where he lived alone, said Warren.


The access of the judiciary is the result of cooperation with the Federal FBI and other authorities, said Warren. The aim of the hack was to steal money from many Americans, which is why the suspect was held accountable.

After the hack, which was very embarrassing for the company, Twitter had declared that some employees had been “manipulated” and that the attackers could use their login data to gain access to the company’s internal systems. 130 accounts were affected by the attack.

Twitter said on Friday that the company is grateful for the swift action by the judiciary and will continue to cooperate with the investigators.



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